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What is your Happiness Contribution Index™?

Get a demo of our Pre-Selector™, the ONLY pre-screening assessment providing a Happiness Contribution Index evaluation. See HOW you can quickly evaluate if a potential executive or employee will be willing & able to make you happy as an employer. Find out for free!


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Our Flagship test, the RECRU-TEC™ Test is a one of a kind pre-employment testing technology. It filters each applicant through 20 different soft-skills. The RECRU-TEC™ Test is a perfect Quality Control tool for your hiring missions.
The PRE-SELECTOR is a very effective and fast pre-screening assessment, universal to all applicants. Whatever the position, you want to evaluate candidates’ ability AND willingness to contribute to the success & happiness of your organization.
The JOBSTAR™ Test is a one of a kind employee performance appraisal and job satisfaction assessment. This unique Employee Performance Appraisal which provides vital information about your current employees’ performance, happiness and job satisfaction.
The SELLING SKILLS Assessment helps detect strengths that can be optimized and weaknesses that should be worked on, in order to be more successful as a professional sales representative. It was developed to help sales reps optimize their full potential.

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Hire Box’s proven testing technology will allow you to easily identify who you should surround yourself with. Sometimes, gut feelings and a proper resume on your desk isn’t enough. Hire Box’s tests will give you full certainty on the fit of an applicant or employee.