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Our Flagship test, the RECRU-TEC™ Test is a one of a kind pre-employment testing technology. It filters each applicant through 20 different soft-skills. The RECRU-TEC™ Test is a perfect Quality Control tool for your hiring missions.


The PRE-SELECTOR is a very effective and fast pre-screening assessment, universal to all applicants. Whatever the position, you want to evaluate candidates’ ability AND willingness to contribute to the success & happiness of your organization.


The JOBSTAR™ Test is a one of a kind employee performance appraisal and job satisfaction assessment. This unique Employee Performance Appraisal which provides vital information about your current employees’ performance, happiness and job satisfaction.


The SELLING SKILLS Assessment helps detect strengths that can be optimized and weaknesses that should be worked on, in order to be more successful as a professional sales representative. It was developed to help sales reps optimize their full potential.


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the #1 job-related testing platform on the market.

The Only Results-Based Testing Platform

Our tests are the only results based assessments on the market. Wonder how a new applicant will operate on the job? Try the Recru-Tec Pre Employment Test. What about the strengths and weakness of a current employee? Then give our JobStar Employee Performance Appraisal. Both the Recru-Tec and JobStar tests have been proven to give a 90% precision on the test taker.

Available since 1994, the Recru-Tec test is based on our experience with the evaluation of more than 25,000 candidates in 30 different countries, this unique diagnostic is a job matching assessment which provides vital information about your future/potential employees. It is twice as precise as any existing psychometric test. Compared to other Pre Employment Tests on the market, the Recru-Tec test surpasses them all. Most of them shows you how a person IS, but not how person WILL be on the job.

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All Web Based, All User Friendly

The HireBox platform was created with 2 things in mind: User friendly and results oriented. This means that anyone using our platform will have no problem administering tests to applicants. Our customer service team is always on standby with a chatting system and the opportunity to give you a professional evaluation. The platform also includes interactive graph results to give you a quick and certain overview on your applicants/employees.

What about from the test taker’s perspective? When you sign up to the Hire Box platform, everything becomes branded to your company. The test taker see’s your company name and contact information directly on his screen. This allows an easy and professional flow throughout the user experience. Request a free demo today!

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“I can tell you that I will never hire anyone without having them do the Recru-Tec test first. I highly recommend it to any manager.”

Myny Dirk

Owner, Keurslagerdirk

“The Recru-Tec test made it possible to really see the difference between ‘letting ourselves be impressed by the charm of some candidates’ and ‘creating a true team’ thanks to a real selection system .”


Owner, Crombrugghe & Partners

“The Recru-Tec test really works; it relies on facts rather than on chance!”


Owner, Orcon NV


Hire Box’s proven testing technology will allow you to easily identify who you should surround yourself with.

Sometimes, gut feelings and a proper resume on your desk isn’t enough. Hire Box’s tests will give you full certainty on the fit of an applicant or employee.