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Our team consists of international consultants, business gurus, programmers and all hold one thing in common: We know the importance of correct personnel selection.

Patrick Valtin created the Recru-Tec test, the Jobstar and the Selling Skills appraisals in 1994 after having evaluated thousands of candidates throughout the world with various assessments. He holds an M.B.A. in International Business Studies (USC) and is a certified Hubbard(R) Management System Master Consultant. He is also a founding member of the Advisory Board for the Hubbard College of Administration International. He has traveled to more than 35 countries over the last 28 years and has trained more than 120,000 people in the areas of Sales, Sales Management, Marketing, Personnel Selection, Organization, and Leadership. He is the best-selling author of “No-Fail Hiring 2.0.”

Patrick and his team created the HireBox platform in order to help small & medium size businesses expand their company by surrounding themselves with the best of the best. Since then, thousands of businesses have been using the tests successfully.

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The HireBox Platform is your perfect Quality Control tool for giving your hiring missions the best outcome. Based on our experience with the evaluation of more than 25,000 candidates in 30 different countries, our unique job-matching assessments and internal evaluations provide vital information about your future/potential/current employees. The Recru-Tec test is twice as precise as any existing psychometric test. We guarantee a 90% precision on every applicant.

HireBox’s sister company is No-Fail Hiring, a recruitment process outsourcing company based in Clearwater, Florida. If you need any help finding and hiring qualified candidates, then consider using the No-Fail Hiring services. Our team of hiring consultants will act as your own human resource department by posting your job all across the web, hunting for resumes, screen each applicants, deliver phone interviews, do pre-screenings checks and then send you only top qualified applicants that fit exactly what you are looking for in a new employee.

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The RECRU-TEC™ Test is a one of a kind pre employment testing technology. It filters each applicant through 20 different soft-skills. The RECRU-TEC™ Test is a perfect Quality Control tool for your hiring missions.

Based on more than 22,000 candidates’ evaluations in 25 different countries, this unique diagnostic tool is a job matching test which provides vital information about your future/potential employee. Give it a try today and see how powerful the RECRU-TEC™ Test is!


The JOBSTAR™ Test is a one of a kind employee performance appraisal and job satisfaction assessment.The JOBSTAR™ Test is a perfect Quality Control tool to ensure optimal performance, happiness and engagement from your employees.

This unique diagnostic tool is an Employee Performance Appraisal Assessment which provides vital information about your current employees’ performance and job satisfaction.


The Selling Skills Assessment helps detect strengths that can be optimized and weaknesses that should be worked on, in order to be more successful as a professional sales representative.

It was developed to help sales reps optimize their full potential, while contributing fully to the expansion of your organization. It measures usually undetected characteristics which have proven to be instrumental to achieve great performance in sales.

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