How to Detect the Bully Personalities and Avoid the “United Airlines Syndrome”

Scary statistics:

  • 35% of the U.S. workforce (an est. 53.5 million Americans) report being bullied at work
  • An additional 15% witness bullying at work
  • Bullying is 4 times more prevalent than illegal harassment
  • The majority (68%) of bullying is same-gender (1)


The liability of bringing in a new employee who reveals himself/herself as a bully (always AFTER the trial period) goes way beyond the negative impact on the staff morale: it can have a brutal effect on your employees’ loyalty, hence your company’s reputation and profitability! Case in point:

  • Targeted employees lose their jobs at a significantly higher rate than perpetrators (82% vs. 18 %).
  • 61% of all targets of bullying end up losing their job.
  • About 45% of individuals targeted by bullies at work suffer stress-related health problems. That could include cardiovascular problems, an impaired immune system, debilitating anxiety and even post-traumatic stress disorder.
  • $8,800 is the amount of annual lost wages that workplace bullying costs a target on average.
  • Every target of a bully may lose 200 to 400 hours of productivity annually.
  • 72% of employees will leave their job because they’ve been bullied or witnessed bullying in the workplace. (2)


How do you protect your company – and your employees from bullies? How do you avoid the “United Airlines Syndrome?”

Well first, you must be able to DETECT them; and that is a major challenge, as no applicant will ever confess during an interview that they might bully their peers. Also, knowing that less than 7% of bullying attitudes are reported, the bully personality often won’t be disclosed in a background check. This is why we developed your best “Insurance Policy” against the bully personality.

The Recru-Tec Test

This unique pre-hire assessment evaluates over 35 personality syndromes, also called “conflicting personality characteristics.” NO OTHER PRE-HIRE TEST measures so precisely so many hidden and potentially damaging personality syndromes.


The profile below shows the “Bully Personality” syndrome. As you can see, trait #1 is very low – revealing an extremely compulsive (out of control) attitude. Combined with a high trait #6 and very low traits #7, 8 and to some degree trait #11, the profile shows a “perfect” bully personality.

Good news: when such a syndrome exists, the system will automatically describe it for you.
Bully Characteristic

Do not hire bullies!

Next time you hire someone, ask yourself if $69.00 is worth to spend, to really KNOW who you are bringing in! Avoid jeopardizing staff morale, employee loyalty, and profitability. Request a demo of our HIREBOX.COM platform!


The RECRU-TEC™ Test is a one of a kind pre employment testing technology. It filters each applicants through 20 different soft-skills. The RECRU-TEC™ Test is a perfect Quality Control tool for your hiring missions.

Based on more than 22,000 candidates’ evaluations in 25 different countries, this unique diagnostic is a job matching test which provides vital information about your future/potential employee. Give it a try today and see how powerful the RECRU-TEC™ Test is!


The JOBSTAR™ Test is a one of a kind employee performance appraisal and job satisfaction assessment.The JOBSTAR™ Test is a perfect Quality Control tool for ensuring all your employees’ production and job satisfaction is 100%.

This unique diagnostic is an Employee Performance Appraisal Assessment which provides vital information about your current employees’ performance and job satisfaction.


The Selling Skills Assessment helps detect strengths that can be optimized and weaknesses that should be worked on, in order to be more successful as a professional sales representative.

It was developed to help sales reps optimize their full potential, while contributing fully to the expansion of your organization. It measures usually undetected characteristics which have proven to be instrumental to achieve great performance in sales.

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