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    Contains a full checklist to successful
    hiring process
    Personal support through each step, to completion & certification
    Includes unlimited access to our unique testing platform
    Includes one full hiring project with
    guarantee of success
    Customized training/coaching with
    certification of 2 Executives
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Hire-Master Training KIT:

This is the only practical guide that guarantees to revolutionize the way you attract, select and keep top employees to expand your company or practice in a very competitive employment market. This unique DIY (Do it Yourself) training kit is based on Best-Selling author Patrick Valtin’s NO-Fail Hiring System – 30 years of experience in training over 120,000 business owners, executives, professional recruiters and evaluating more than 25,000 applicants from across the world.

The eight lessons are:

  1. Introduction: 8 Golden Rules of Master-Hiring
  2. Compliance: Legalities and complying with EEOC regulations
  3. The hunt: How to Attract a lot of Qualified Applicants
  4. Pre-Selection Strategy: How to Filter Fast and Effectively
  5. Interview Techniques: Separating Achievers from the talkers
  6. Pre-Hire Testing: Using the Most Reliable pre-hire assessments
  7. On-Boarding Process: How to Make Them Perform Fast
  8. Full Procedure: Example of application


ONLINE Training/Coaching:

This level provides you with an online, personalized tutoring and coaching support. While going through each step of the hiring process, you benefit from the direct supervision of our professional consultants. Each assignment is evaluated and validated; each practical is passed with our expert coaching.

This online training program includes a permanent phone coaching and support service, as well as certification for each registered person.


HireBox Yearly License:

Use our Hirebox Pre-Hire & On-Boarding assessments to accurately evaluate applicants’ soft skills. This unique testing platform provides you with the full certainty that you are hiring people who will work hard at making you happy. It is also the best Quality Control to ensure that you do not hire ill-intended, criminal or uncaring people. Available tests are:

  • Pre-Selector: a precise, fast pre-screening assessment
  • Recru-Tec Test: a complete, job-related soft skills analysis
  • JobStar: An employee performance evaluation
  • Selling Skills Assessment: A sales rep’s performance evaluation


Full Recruitment Mission

1 recruitment project – with placement guaranteed

We do the work for you, and we proceed until you have the right person on the job. Our work includes:

  • Creation and posting of job ads
  • Screening of all incoming resumes
  • Pre-selection testing
  • Phone interviews
  • Analysis of soft skills with the Recru-Tec test
  • Background check
  • Coordination with your HR department on each step
  • 3-month placement guarantee



Personal training & coaching with one of our top consultants, with certification of 2 executives and Full Hiring project implementation – until success.

With this ultimate level of service, you have the guarantee of developing the most effective hiring process in your company for many years to come. This is a very personalized intervention of our experts, who train you and coach you through every single step of the whole recruitment process, including:

  • Creation of all legal documents needed to provide evidence of compliance with E.E.O.C. regulations
  • Training on how to develop the most effective employer branding strategy
  • Helping you develop the best interview & evaluation procedure (including the use of our Hirebox platform)
  • Coaching you through one specific hiring project of your choice – until it is completed successfully (with a 3-month placement guarantee)

Watch Patrick in Action!

Have the Original Hire Master Himself Certify Your Organization!









“Patrick’s No-Fail hiring System is amazing!!!!! I am able to find very specific information about any candidate that I won’t be able to find out any other way. I can speak with the applicant to see if there are any issues that would affect their ability to do the job. Its great! There have been times where I have hired someone even though I had a concern but couldn’t fully put my finger on it. With this system, I can truly get all my questions about whether this applicant is the right one for the job. This has, of course, saved the company wasted money and time in making bad hires and a extra stress on finding the right candidate for any post. Our turnover has decreased because we are actually choosing and hiring the right candidate!!”


HR Manager, Axiom

“This is a very valuable tool with great insights, accuracy and predictability! This kit should be an indispensable step in any employer’s process, who is concerned about finding the right match for any vacancy.”


Owner, Sentinel Background Checks

“I have found your training kit to be excellent. I have been using your process and all of its forms since I received them. It really makes the process so much better.”


Owner, Rapidan Plumbing

“If you want to make your hiring easy, flowing and stress free I would definitely recommend the kit because: 1. It gives you consistency (and we know that consistency in hiring is vital) 2. It is simple and easy to use yet very detailed 3. It has amazing work flow so at any time you know where you are with your hiring and why 4. Definitely speeds you up, which is key to a successful hiring of qualified candidates!”


HR Manager, PostcardMania

“My impression was that this training kit is an established and knowledgeable program. It is sensitive to HR laws and protecting the company, but also applying out of the box concepts to attracting and hiring quality people. This is the most important resource in our business and I now feel WAY more confident about handling the subject of HR! Thanks you!”


Owner, Atlanta Dental Center

“Hiring was always a frustrating process for us. For years, we had been advertising on-line, in the paper and through journals but had never come close to seeing the excellent candidates that the kit has brought to us. I would recommend this kit to any company –large or small that is looking to fill their vacancies in an efficient timely manner with the highest quality employees they have ever seen.“


Owner, Centers for Integrative Medicine

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