Revolutionary Pre-Hire Testing Platform Offers Best Match Between Employers’ Expectations and Applicants’ Pretensions

The HireBox® platform helps small businesses attract and select loyal, honest and productive employees, by providing pre-employment testing and employee performance appraisals.

In today’s raging war for talent, finding and keeping good employees is a business owner’s main challenge. Without a great team, chances of success and expansion are undeniably more difficult (if not impossible).

Hirebox founder Patrick Valtin – MBA, Best Selling Author – created pre-hire tests in the early 90’s in order to help his clients expand by bringing in true performers and screening out talkers & pretenders.

As an internationally renowned business trainer & coach with clients like USPS, Ford Motors, GM Motors, BMW, Mercedes, Toyota, IBM, Remax, Century 21, Valtin saw this problem first hand while consulting thousands of clients across the world. 1-for-1, Valtin was always able to help expand his clients’ businesses by fixing one thing from the start: Personnel Selection. It was his clients’ success that gave birth to the HireBox Platform.

The HireBox Platform comes with (1) a Pre-Employment Test called the “Recru-Tec Test,™” (2) an Employee Performance Appraisal called “JobStar™” and (3) a Selling Skills Assessment for Sales Representatives.

Based on more than 24,000 candidate evaluations in 25 different countries, the Recru-Tec Test is a unique job-matching diagnostic tool which provides vital information about your future/potential employees. It answers some critical questions such as: What is the tested person’s level of drive and courage? Will they be able to work in a team? Will they be loyal? Are they mainly result-oriented or more action-oriented? What is their primary motivation to work? What is their level of honesty? Are they well organized? Will they take initiatives? Can they handle work in a high-pressure environment? And a lot more.

The HireBox platform was created with 2 things in mind: User-friendly and precision of results. This means that anyone using the platform will have no problem administering tests to applicants and receiving the results automatically. The customer service team is always on standby via online chat to answer questions and to provide professional evaluation. The platform also includes interactive graph results to give the user a quick and certain overview on their applicants or employees. Test accuracy is over 90%.

HireBox is available in 4 different languages; it is compatible on any browser and the user interface can be uniquely branded to the subscriber’s company or organization. Each subscription permits an unlimited number of users in an unlimited number of branches or office locations

The HireBox platform is a revolutionary web-based testing platform which can help businesses avoid investing needless time, money, and emotions in the recruitment and hiring process by quickly and accurately ensuring a good match between management’s expectations and the applicant’s actual skill level, experience, and job suitability.

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