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Quickly find out if applicants have what it takes to contribute to your organization success & happiness!

The Pre-Selector is a very effective and fast pre-screening assessment, universal to all applicants. Whatever the position, you want to evaluate candidates’ ability AND willingness to contribute to the success & happiness of their team members and of your organization.

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This unique pre-screening assessment evaluates every applicant against 6 universal characteristics which have proven to:

Make people happier and more enthusiastic on a job.

Contribute to the success & happiness of others in the group.

Fast Pre-Testing

Send the Pre-Selector to one applicant or to 100 at-a-time. We suggest that you use the Pre-Selector on all applicants who have applied for a job – have sent you their resume or have filled a job application form.


This is what you receive after the test has been filled out

Challenge your applicants

Use the test results to challenge candidates about some weaknesses, during a phone interview and before inviting them for a live interview. The Pre-Selector is a fantastic pre-screening assessment which will reveal vital information on you applicants’ intentions.

Guaranteed to dramatically improve your pre-screening process and speed up your general pre-selection procedure.


Quickly find out if applicants have what it takes to contribute to your organization success & happiness!

Attention and commitment to a long-term career development are basic ingredients for stability and performance. People who are driven by a long-term vision usually demonstrate higher levels of self-motivation, courage, persistence, and willingness to learn. On the other hand, being short-term oriented or purposeless can be a major barrier to stability, loyalty and happiness. It may also indicate low self-motivation, lack of persistence as well as a tendency toward job-hopping.
How determined is the applicant at developing more skills and competencies? No matter how experienced one might be, willingness to learn is a vital criterion of success & happiness on any job. The desire and willingness to learn new things is a great sign of flexibility, ambition and humility. On the other hand, the “I know it all” attitude has proven to be detrimental to progress and self-development as well as to stable performance. It can also indicate lack of flexibility and/or tolerance.
This trait evaluates the applicant’s awareness of the importance to demonstrate acceptable performance on the job. It also reflects willingness to be accountable for results at work. The ultimate factor upon which candidates should be evaluated is their ability to meet – or beat performance expectations. A low trait may indicate lack of understanding or willingness in being evaluated on measurable results.
This trait evaluates the applicant’s perception of exchange, regarding salary & other forms of compensations. Are they primarily attracted by the “money” side of the job or do they also present other motivations – such as the satisfaction of contributing to something? A high trait indicates awareness and agreement with the fact that “one needs to give in order to receive.” A low trait may indicate a tendency to entitlement – the perceived or pretended “right” to obtaining money without having to exchange much for it.
This trait evaluates the applicant’s awareness or belief that delivering the best service to customers and to peers in the group is a major key to success and happiness. It is a proven fact that being service-oriented and doing one’s best to make others happy is a key indicator of good performance, happiness and success on any job. A low trait may indicate selfishness and poor work quality standards.
This last trait measures how much the applicant appreciates team work – or not. It is also an indicator of willingness and ability to contribute to a great team spirit and collective happiness at work. Team drive is the real engine of competitiveness. A low trait may indicate a self-centered attitude and insufficient interest to contribute to your team success & happiness.

User Friendly Platform

The HireBox platform was created with 2 things in mind: User friendly and results oriented. This means that anyone using our platform will have no problem administering tests to applicants. Our customer service team is always on standby with a chatting system and the opportunity to give you a professional evaluation.

“The Pre-Selector is a great assessment for discovering applicants through vital personality characteristics that are vital, no matter what the job is.”


Business Owner

“We have been surprised and impressed with what the Pre-selector reveals! It is so true that people who can and are willing to contribute to the happiness of others at work are more liable to perform better and tend to be more loyal.”


HR Consultant

“The Pre-Selector is fast and easy to use. It helps us to challenge candidates on the phone before we invite them for a face-to- face interview. It never fails; what we saw on the assessment results always appear at some point during the first interview. It is a great tool to quickly find out more about people who apply.”


HR Manager

“I was very impressed with the precision of the Pre-Selector. It is quite remarkable that those 6 factors that reflect a person’s willingness to contribute to others’ happiness are so spot on and always confirm during a face-to- face interview. It has helped us save a lot of time.”


Production Manager

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